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Sony CRE-E10

Sony CRE-E10

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Sony is the 3rd largest headphone maker in the world (behind Apple and Samsung).

The tech powerhouse stayed away from hearing aids until late 2022 when the FDA published new rules that allow hearing aids to sell over the counter (no doctor required). 

Shortly after the FDA's update, Sony announced that they would release two products.

Sony Offers Two Hearing Aid Designs

CRE-C10 - Invisible style without Bluetooth or rechargeable batteries

CRE-E10 - Earbud style with Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable batteries 

Both of the new OTC hearing aids from Sony were co-designed with hearing health giant WSA. WSA has decades of hearing aid experience and owns brands like Widex and Signia. 

Product Highlights

Consumer reviews of Sony CRE-E10 are mostly glowing (see below). Many users feel that Sony hearing aids go toe-toe with prescription options. You can hear a live sample of Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids above. 

The biggest complaints are that the CRE-E10 recharge case can be temperamental and that the devices are streaming-enabled with iPhone devices (sorry Android users). 

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