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Sennheiser All-Day Clear

Sennheiser All-Day Clear

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In August 2023, Sennheiser unveiled a new OTC hearing aid expected to compete with industry leaders like Bose, Sony, and Jabra. 

Sennheiser All-Day Clear is a full-featured hearing aid with Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calls, an onboard hearing test, and easy to use app. 

You can choose between a standard or Slim form factor. The insides of the devices are virtually the same, while the outside form factor changes by style. 

Read on for our full unboxing and review and review All-Day Clear against the Soundly Scorecard. 


In 2022 the legacy headphone and speaker manufacturer, Sennheiser, was purchased by the world's #1 hearing aid maker, Sonova. The move left some people scratching their heads until Sennheiser unveiled plans to join the over-the-counter hearing aid market earlier this year.

The move is significant because it adds another top brand and hearing powerhouse to the growing list of OTC competitors. Read our full guide to OTC hearing aids here

What makes All-Day Clear Special? 

For starters, Sennheiser All-Day Clear offers top-tier sound-processing technology for less than $1,500. The same underlying technology is $5,000 or more at local clinics. 

Sennheiser All-Day clear is an especially good choice for Android users. The device is one of only a couple OTC hearing aids that streams to both iPhone and Android (the other one is Lucid Engage). 

This product is unique because you can program the hearing aids from your smartphone and save thousands on the purchase price. It's the first time that Phonak and Unitron hearing aid fans can get a similar product direct-to-consumer.  

Our Take

Our team tested All-Day Clear and compared it with Sonova's flagship brands - Phonak and Unitron. Our verdict? All-Day Clear has a few missing bells and whistles (more on that below), but the differences are not dealbreakers. The perfect candidate for All-Day Clear has mild-to-moderate hearing loss, is comfortable using a smartphone, and wants Sonova-made technology for a budget price.

Based on our reviews, this hearing aid is the most complete offering in the over-the-counter market so far. You’ll pay a bit more than some OTC competitors but the prescription-grade sound-quality is probably worth it. 

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