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Lexie B2 Plus - Powered By Bose

Lexie B2 Plus - Powered By Bose

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After years (or decades) of customer requests, Bose finally released a hearing aid. The iconic brand has a proven track record for quality audio products, and these Bose hearing aids are no exception.

This product sells for just $999 per pair (compared to the national average of $4,500).

To achieve this lower price, Bose did two things: 

  1. Bose created a clinically-proven method for hearing aid wearers to program their own devices using a smartphone app. The process cuts out the middle man and saves thousands. 
  2. Bose formed a partnership with Lexie Hearing. Lexie backs up the Bose name with unlimited, lifetime hearing-specialist support. 

What Stands Out

✅ New release in 2024

✅ Designed and clinically validated by a trusted audio brand

✅ Shipped to your home in 4-6 business days (no audiologist visit required)

✅ 45 day risk-free trial

✅ Free shipping  

✅ Unlimited real-time video and voice support from a Lexie expert

✅ Recharge case and accessories included in the box

✅ Bluetooth streaming for iPhone users (added May 2023)

✅ Portable charging case with 18 hours of additional charge (added January 2024)

Who is this product for? 

We find that Bose hearing aids are best for customers with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who are looking for an affordable, low-hassle way to try hearing aids for the first time.

Our Take

The combination of Bose's sound with Lexie's award-winning service is impressive. We recommend Lexie B2 Plus for anyone looking for a solid starter hearing aid with built-in user controls. If you want someone else to program your hearing aids, consider Jabra Enhance Select or Audicus.

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