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Eargo SE

Eargo SE

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Eargo made its mark in 2015 with the introduction of their first invisible and rechargeable hearing aid device. Since then, the company has continually enhanced their flagship product, culminating in the 2023 release of Eargo 7. Known for its compact size, rechargeable batteries and effective background noise management, Eargo devices sit deep within the ear canal, offering users an ultra-discreet solution.

What's New

In early 2024, Eargo unveiled the Eargo SE variant of their flagship product. Positioned as a more budget-friendly alternative, Eargo SE retains many of the essential features of its predecessor, Eargo 7. Notable differences include the absence of automatic scene switching, which requires manual interaction through a tap or the iPhone app, along with slight variations in size. Interestingly, the Eargo SE carry case actually comes with more charges (five for SE Vs. two for Eargo 7).

The Details

  • OTC self-fitting hearing aid uses an onboard hearing test
  • Charging case provides devices with 5 full charges of 16 hours of sound
  • Touch control allows switching between listening programs
  • Customizable sound with the Eargo mobile app
  • Rated to IP54 for dust-protection and splash & sweat-resistance
  • No in-office visits required to fit or adjust devices

Our Take

Our evaluation suggests that both Eargo 7 and Eargo SE deliver comparable performance across various scenarios. While Eargo 7 may appeal to users who prioritize size and seamless functionality, Eargo SE offers a compelling option for those seeking a cost-effective way to get started with the brand. 

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