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Eargo LINK

Eargo LINK

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Eargo, known for its discreet, in-the-ear design and rechargeable battery system, has introduced a new addition to its lineup in early 2024: Eargo LINK. Departing from its traditional form factor, Eargo LINK adopts a more earbud-like appearance, aiming to address a longstanding challenge faced by the company – Bluetooth streaming capabilities. While Eargo has earned acclaim for its invisible in-the-ear designs, integrating Bluetooth streaming into such small devices has proven elusive. It’s worth noting, Bluetooth streaming is not commonly found in invisible hearing aids. LINK is Eargo’s move to bridge the gap between hearing aid-level sound algorithms and modern Bluetooth functionality.

What's New

Priced at $799, Eargo LINK enters the market as a more budget-friendly option compared to its counterparts, Eargo SE at $1,699 and Eargo Seven at $2,950. This competitive pricing reflects Eargo's entry into a densely populated market of earbud-style devices, including competitors like Jabra Enhance Plus, Sony, CRE-E10, and even AirPods Pro. Unlike traditional Eargo devices that use a hearing test for customization, Eargo LINK offers four preset programs designed to accommodate the majority of users' hearing profiles. Eargo LINK uses Bluetooth 5.3 technology which ensures connectivity with Android and iPhone devices, delivering an experience akin to popular wireless earbuds. Of course, the most interesting part of Eargo’s new devices is their combination of top-end sound algorithms with a solid Bluetooth device.

The Details

  • Stream phone calls and music with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity (Android or iPhone)
  • Benefit from features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Noise Reduction, and Feedback Cancellation for enhanced listening experiences
  • Enjoy extended listening sessions with up to 9 hours of runtime on a single charge
  • Directional microphones aid in focusing on sounds in front of you, improving clarity in noisy environments
  • Eargo LINK is sweat and splash-resistant with an IP54 rating
  • Ready to use out of the box with four preset listening programs tailored to different hearing profiles

Our Take

Eargo LINK offers an intriguing solution for users seeking Bluetooth functionality. The device combines hearing aid-level sound management algorithms with a modern Bluetooth feature set. We believe this product is ideal for activities such as watching TV or navigating challenging auditory environments. However, for those planning to wear hearing aids consistently throughout the day, Eargo SE or Eargo Seven will provide a more customized sound experience and a more comfortable fit.

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