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Eargo 7

Eargo 7

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It's rare to see something totally new in the hearing health world. For decades hearing aids have become more intelligent, faster, and more connected, BUT they've mostly kept the same form factor.

If you want all the features, most people choose hearing aids that sit behind the ear like ReSound OMNIA.

If you want an invisible design, you'll likely consider a custom-molded hearing aid like Starkey Evolv AI.

Eargo offers something different.

This product isn't for everyone (we'll get to that in a minute), but if you're someone looking for invisible hearing aids, Eargo should be on your shortlist.

Who's Eargo For?

Form factor: Eargo is for someone who wants the smallest hearing aid possible. If you are focused on something other than form factor, there are more feature-rich products on the market for less money. Check out Jabra Enhance Select for reference.

Mild to moderate hearing loss: Eargo is for people with mild-moderate hearing loss. If you have severe hearing loss, these hearing aids will not give you enough amplification.

Somewhat tech-savvy: Eargo is for someone comfortable using a smartphone app. If you prefer hands-on setup and support without needing a smartphone, Eargo likely isn't for you. The product is intuitive (even easy for some), but it requires a basic tech-savvy level. 

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